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Porsche 964

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We Lay the Car-Searching “Tracks” So You Can Enjoy the Ride.

Beyond scouring the web to find the latest unique 80s and 90s car listings twice a week, we also track the ongoing price fluctuations of different vehicles nationwide. Our goal is to not only help streamline your car-searching experience but also give you the opportunity to find the best used car deals that suit your budget.

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Gone are the days of scouring the web to find the best used car deals on 80’s and 90s sports cars for sale. Now, you can enjoy a bi-weekly update of the sports cars available for purchase online, so you can pick, choose, and grow your collection.

Growing Network of Used Car Dealerships Tracked

The car you’re searching for may never arrive at one of the used car dealerships you know of. To help broaden your reach and increase your possibility of owning your dream vehicle, we’re working our way through the thousands of used car dealerships that exist to find you the best used car deals.

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Defender 90 in the Snow

What Happens on Tuesday?

Every Tuesday, you’ll receive a summary of the latest enthusiast cars for sale we’ve found within the past week. This includes new finds as well as updates to existing finds.

What Happens on Friday?

At the end of the week, you’ll receive a summary of price changes to all existing finds. Just in time to help you prepare for your car-search weekend adventures.