What is BRZO?

BRZO is a hub for used car enthusiasts who either find, maintain or sell used cars. From Used Vehicle Market Reports to DIY to car culture we are here to lend a hand.

Currently, BRZO Motors is offering a newsletter subscription where enthusiasts receive bi-weekly (2x per week) emails about new used car listings and interesting changes in price over the past week. 

BRZO Motors is in effect a custom search engine for used cars.

BRZO Monochrome Square

What about the App?

BRZO used to be an app for iOS that let you search Craigslist nationwide. Support for the app ended in 2020.

Reviewed and praised by major media outlets, used by many automotive journalists and almost 10,000 enthusiasts worldwide. BRZO was a small hit in a super niche world of people who are addicted to searching for cars and trucks on Craigslist.