Every Nissan Skyline GT-R for Sale Nationwide on Criagslist

We found every Nissan GT-R (R35) and Skylines (PGC10, PGC110, R32, R33, & R34) in the country and spent hours sifting through the data to create this handy reference for you.

What does the Nissan GT-R & Skyline Market Look Like?

For personal interest, I wanted to understand how much Nissan GT-R’s are going for nationwide in the USA. Then I dug a little deeper to explore the Japanese market PGC10, PGC110, R32, R33 & even R34’s available in the country. I wanted to understand which models were commanding a premium over their siblings and to see if there were some unexpected surprises.

Below you will find a table based on my nationwide searching of the Nissan GT-R’s (R35) and Skyline variants.

It is pretty impressive to see the entire market in one list and how my favorites like the R32’s are starting to pop up across the USA with the expected 25-Year Federalization rule coming soon for the R33’s & R34’s! For the budget Skyline Enthusiast, I would recommend the R32 variant.  There was a number available nationwide and many of them had manual transmissions. Strangely the some automatic Sedan’s too!