Editors Note: The vehilcle featured in this post is from the gracious people at Freeman Motor Co. They loaned me this 2016 Porsche Cayenne S.  If you are interested in this vehicle or other fine vehicles, checkout Freeman’s inventory for the latest.

Today, I find myself sitting relaxing in a park in an upscale neighborhood called, Lake Oswego. Sitting here I have been noticing how many Porsche Cayennes are driving by. It is simply amazing how many, I started counting and for the past 20 minutes I’ve seen 22 Porsche Cayenne SUV’s drive by! This got me thinking about pricing and how much is a used Porsche Cayenne and how affordable are these performance SUV’s? 

Below are results from 3 BRZO searches, that report the market for each generation of Porsche Cayenne. I have shared these searches for your reference.  Using your mobile device, open the links below and they will launch BRZO (learn more) and import the searches.


Low Price

High Price

Average Price

Median Price


Porsche Cayene First Generation (9PA)

$4,000 $34,995 $12,402 $11,700 126

Porsche Cayenne Second Generation (92A)

$16,990 $33,409 $34,748 $33,409 92

Porsche Cayenne Third Generation (PO536)

$50.931 $138,881 $82,617 $78,980 7

Downloadable BRZO Searches

To find these prices I searched for them on Craigslist using my BRZO application. Using the app I searched the entire West Coast from Washington to California. To use the same searches I did, you can tap on the links below (from your mobile device) to open up the searches and import them into BRZO.

Why is there such a difference in price?

Porsche’s are all about models, engines and options. You can literally order a pink, twin-turbo Cayenne with a lime green interior if you really wanted to. Simply put, Porsche makes sure that you can personalize your car to your exacting desire. From the stitching on seat belts, to the color of the leather wrapping the air vents — you want it, they offer it.

Recently, I owned a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo, considered the top of the line specification for the 911. I came across some very highly personalized cars. Cars with options including leather door handles, which on my car were painted plastic. One car had a completely red interior, and I don’t mean just the seats. The leather headliner, air vents, seat belts center console instrument cluster dashboard door sills even the parking brake was the same color as the seats. Given that most of these cars interiors are mostly plastic underneath, I can’t imagine the replacement cost of trying to find a color matching leather encased parking brake.

Ok enough about Pink Porsche Cayennes! They are seemingly affordable to the normal person but…

How reliable is a Porsche Cayenne?

I heard that the first generation has been said to have reliability issues. That is probably reflected in the price and frankly any first-generation car, truck or SUV has teething problems. The good news is that there is a budding enthusiast community who are sorting these problem children and making them pretty rad. For an enthusiast who is willing to work on the vehicle themselves and get a good set of service tools and information the Cayenne is likely not anymore expensive to keep running than an older Range Rover. In general they have a good build-quality reputation (save some interior bits that have been cheaply painted) but like all Porsche’s need regular maintenance with high quality oils and parts.

Which Cayenne to buy?

Funny enough, Porsche did a great job slicing and dicing they’re offering. At the low-end you basically get a VW Touareg with a V6 that is seen as reliable, cheap to maintain and (hopefully you won’t need one) has a cheaper engine to replace; since it came from the VW line. At the top then you have a TwinTurbo V8 that will sprint past almost everything on the road. For those enthusiasts who are looking for a 6-speed manual transmission SUV Porsche offers the GTS model which is a non-turbo V8.

How much is a Porsche Cayenne GTS?

I created a search using BRZO and then filtered for all of the first-generation GTS. Then, I created a filter that only found vehicles with manual transmissions. To my knowledge the First Generation PA2 is the only Cayenne offering the manual transmission. While the GTS is not quite as fast as the twin turbo it is no slouch. The Porsche Cayenne GTS has a 0 to 60 of 5.7 seconds and the Porsche Cayenne Twin-Turbo has 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat. That being said, the Porsche Cayenne Twin Turbo does not offer a manual transmission. the GTS is there for the Enthusiast who needs to carry kids and do some hauling while sometimes taking the, “long way home.”

Downloadable BRZO Search

On Craigslist I found no GTS available at this time, but they do pop up from time to time. Here is the BRZO search for you to keep track of them. You can import this search by tapping the link below from your phone and the search will open BRZO and be imported for your reference.

How is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo?

The Big Daddy, the Cayenne Turbo built upon the GTS car by adding a twin turbo V8 pushing the car from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat with an automatic transmission. Though the Turbo is the top dog in the range it doesn’t come without its fault. Being a stressed/turboed motor some of the components are fragile like the coolant pipes. Enthusiast have found a home remedy that can be installed within an afternoon making the car more reliable. That being said there are low-volume components that have been built into the vehicle that will come at a premium. Components like the turbos and the entire cooling system can add quite an expense to the maintenance cost.

If you are prepared to maintain the vehicle yourself, try to find a version with an extensive maintenance history. Something that fast, that big and handles that well can’t be all bad and will surely put a smile on your face!

On Craigslist I found many Porsche Cayenne Turbos for sale ranging from $4,000 to $138,881. I’m not sure I would recommend the cheapest of the bunch. But the average cost is $27,088 with a median cost of $18,682. Around $19k is where I would target my budget for a Turbo that would need a little work and end up with a lot of fun!

Downloadable Search

In conclusion

There is a Porsche Cayenne for every budget, it depends on how much reliability vs. performance you are seeking. For my money I would recommend the GTS variant, but that’s not to say that the others are bad. When it comes to cars and trucks I am always looking for the more engaging version.

It’s funny as I’m just writing this conclusion paragraph I just saw a Cayenne drive by in Overland setup! I’m pretty sure that is a V6 version but it looks like it was lifted, much larger tires. It looks great with a shovel and a gas can and an extra tire on roof-rack! As I mentioned above there is a Cayenne for everyone, go out and find yours today.

I also wanted to thank our special guest, Tony the Squirrel who kept me company while shooting this vehicle!