Land Cruiser / LX470 Oil Capacity, Type & Filters (2UZ-FE)

TLDR (Too Long Don’t Read) Version

Below are the oil specifications & capacities for the 100 Series Land Cruiser / LX470 2UZ-FE 8-cylinder 4.7 liter engine. 


* I wouldn’t suggest this


Note: This article covers the 2UZ-FE engine from Toyota which implies coverage for the 100 Series Land Cruiser, LX 470, GX 470, Tundra, and numerous other vehicles that I can’t remember offhand!

I have a 2002 Lexus LX470 and suggest using your owner’s manual as a reference and make sure to cross-reference with your own sources.

How often should I change my LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series’ Oil?

According to the Lexus maintenance schedule, You should change your oil every 5000 miles or every 6 months. This was probably given back in 2002 and many drivers nowadays consider that to be too long of an interval for an oil change. These days I have heard most people recommending you should change your oil every 3500 miles or six months whichever comes sooner. 

I would suggest the 3,500 miles or six-month interval for these higher miles trucks. The reason for this is that it allows you to run an oil analysis more frequently, therefore allowing you to detect issues sooner. These issues could be a blown head gasket or something more serious such as worn rings.



What type of oil should I use for my LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series?

Toyota has a recommendation to use API-SJ or API-SL in these engines.  I would suggest not deviating too much from this recommendation. That being said if you were in a place where it is very difficult to get these types of oils then I would suggest aiming for any oil you can find, over no oil. You can always change your oil later but if you run your engine without oil you will likely not have an engine to maintain going forward. 

That being said I would suggest trying to stay within the oil weights that are suggested by Toyota 5w30 for most temperatures and 10w30 for higher temperature climates where the temperatures do not dip below 0F (-18C)

Recommended Oil for LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series 2UZ-FE Engine

How much oil do I need to purchase for an oil change for my LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series?

When purchasing oil for your truck you will need to know whether or not you will be changing the filter or perhaps you have a new engine that you need to fill.

In general for an oil change, you will need 7.2 Quarts (or 6.8 Liters).  This will be enough to account for the removal of the oil filter and fill with new oil as well as topping off the engine. If you have a new engine you’re probably not reading this so carry on! Check out the TLDR (too long don’t read) reference chart above for exact amounts depending on your situation.

Oil for LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series

What is the part number for the LX 470 / Land Cruiser 100 Series oil filter?

The part number for the oil filter is 90915-YZZD3.

I recently purchased four of these from a Lexus dealership and they were $4.37 each. I typically do not recommend non-OEM oil filters unless you have to purchase an after-market one. There really is just no savings in buying an aftermarket oil filter. Instead of ordering each oil filter for every oil change, I simply order in bulk and have them available for when I need them. 

Why did I write this guide?

The oil information Toyota 100 Series (Land Cruiser / LX 470) is pretty straightforward, but I have a number of cars/trucks that have different specifications.

I got sick of looking things up online and bouncing around from my repair manual, owner’s manual, and different forums so I thought I’d look it all up once and for all and make this handy guide.

I’m a newly minted Lexus 2002 LX 470 (Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series) owner and am keen to get moving on my maintenance schedules.

I recently found a few different forums online for these trucks and am getting overwhelmed by the opinions out there on how to maintain these vehicles, so I decided to go to the source(s) and compile this as a reference for me going forward.

I hope this serves to be helpful for everyone else out in the community.


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